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The Elwood Product line is designed for applications using HFA fluids (soluble oils, other water-based low viscosity fluids) as well as water itself.  Providing stainless steel valves with Viton seals and drop tight sealing designs provides our customers with long term valve productivity.  Our design allows drop-tight seals in the harshest environments while providing success in the more controlled environments.


Elwood is the high pressure applications Specialist! Steel Mills, Aluminum Mills, Petro-Chemical applications welcome!  Whether it's heavy lifting, descaling steel or decoking petroleum drums, we have stainless steel valves for either new or facility replacement developments.


The Elwood Corporation is located south of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.  Known as the "Workshop of America", this area contains the heaviest concentration of specialist metal machining and processing industries in the United States.  Positioned within industry experts has allowed  Elwood an advantage in product development and follow up service.  Through diligent research, now combining local precision and global sourcing allows Elwood to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL VALVES at cost comprehensive pricing.


Our confidence is through long term industry knowledge.  In 1803, less than a decade after Joseph Bramah ushered in the era of modern hydraulics by patenting the first hydrostatic press, the RD Wood & Griffin Pipe Companies were established.  Focus of these companies was on valves and pipes.  The Charles Elmes Engineering Works, which became the Elmes Press & Valve Company, was founded in 1851 and manufactured water valves, systems and presses.


These two companies existed independently until the early 1960s when they were purchased by the Nordberg Heavy Machinery Group of Milwaukee.  Nordberg combined and expanded both product lines.  New developments were centered around the "new" poppet valve technology and the extension of the spindle valve range.  In 1972, the company Rex Chainbelt bought Nordberg Machinery Group, changing its name to Rexnord.  In 1983, the Elwood Electronics Company purchased the Hydraulic Products Division of Rexnord, which subsequently became the Fluid Power Group of the Elwood Corporation.


At Elwood, we are very conscious of our heritage.  Even today, there is an occasional repair or parts inquiry for one of the old RD Wood valves.  Now, as then, quality and robustness with attention to servicing our customers needs are prime considerations resulting in mutual success for both our customers and Elwood.

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